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"I have worked with Kayt for about 6 months and my child absolutely loves her. She has a special knack for working with kids who learn differently. She is passionate and dedicated to her children." - Schon W.


"Excellent with special needs. Gets along great with my son. Our son really likes her, and we are happy with the results!" - Kendra T.

"Kayt is reliable and great with the children. I found her to be very creative and patient. She has a lot of enthusiasm for working with children!" - Sherry M.

"I hired Kayt to tutor my daughter in High School Spanish and to assist with other subjects. When my daughter started working with Kayt, she was on the verge of failing. But now she has successfully passed the semester and just received an 86 on her last test. This is huge progress and I can't thank Kayt enough. She also has a great way with kids. They relate to her and she makes learning fun. I would recommend her highly!" - Melissa W.

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